The one thing
Motivation / November 1, 2018

The one thing, the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results. This book is the New York Times bestseller.  Rest assured the content of this book will not disappoint you as reader. It start with simple one.. “If you chase two rabbits ……. you will not catch either one.”– Russian proverb. What I learned from this book are: There is ONE thing that once I completed it now, the rest of the task will be easy or non-essential anymore. During goal setting, bring the end result to the NOW moment. What is the one thing that I can do now so that the tomorrow task will be easier or no longer necessary. It also explained well about the distraction between each task.

How they started global brands
Business and Entrepreneurship / October 31, 2018

This one book really inspiring because it shows how the famous brand started from a small piece of company. Among the brand stories included in this book are from the following company/brand: adidas – Germany Billabong – Australia Cloud Bay – New Zealand The Coca-cola company – USA Green & Black’s –  UK KFC – USA Pizza Hut – USA Dyson – UK Volvo Cars – Sweden Dorling Kindersley – UK Lonely Planet – Australia Hilton Hotels – USA IKEA – Sweden Apple – USA Blackberry (RIM) – Canada Nintendo – Japan Nokia – Finland Sony – Japan Bebo – UK eBay – USA Google – USA Most memorable quotes from the books are as follows : from the Adidas’s founder , Adolf (Adi) Dassler vision: three guiding principles: produce the best show the requirements of the job protect the athlete from injury ensure the product lasted  He became the first entrepreneur that use sports promotion to raise awareness for his products. Another one is from Coca-Cola which the writer state as : “Coca-cola had made its mark on the international market, and for a time, was seen as an icon of unity, in an era that had not yet…

The Art of the start 2.0
Business and Entrepreneurship / October 30, 2018

This book “The Art of the Start 2.0” is written by Guy Kawasaki. I was introduced to this book via a video featuring Guy Kawasaki at where he briefly introduced that he was writing this book. I think it was one of the entrepreneur event that was attended by Guy Kawasaki. Somehow I keep imagining him with Hawaiian outfit.  By the way, this book offer some insightful nuggets for the start-up.First of all he addressed the issue about why the start-up exist in the first place. It rarely to be just to fulfil the requirement of getting money but instead to make the world a better place. Asking the reader what would your business will improve in this world? It doesn’t to be a complicated ones, the simplest seem obvious. He put the example of the “Instagram”, why it was sparked by the founder was everyone are having phone with camera, and each one of them have the internet connection. How to make the photo sharing much more easier? Viola, instagram with the first filter created “X-Pro II”. Guy Kawasaki laid out very detailed strategy to be successful in your start-up pitch. 10/20/30 rules is my favourite one. It means…